The introduction days committee of FOCUS organizes the introduction days for the new IB students. The aim is to make the new students feel welcomed and introduce them to the international environment they will be working in. Furthermore, the introduction days are an opportunity for new students to meet their fellow students and create new friendships.


The introduction days last for 3 days. The first day takes place in the university to show the new students around. The second day takes place in the city. It is helpful for international students to be shown around in the city that will be their new home. The last day takes place on the beach. Every day different games are played so the new students get to interact with each other. The introduction days are always closed off with an after-party exclusively for IB students to celebrate the new start of the school year.

Introduction-days 2018

These 3 days take place before your classes start and give you the opportunity to meet your future classmates. During these you will get to know the university building, The Hague and possibly your future best friends. The intro days are the beginning of your future student life. These days are organized by the intro-days committee. this committee is tasked with providing you with fun, knowledge about your new life and a fantastic start of the year.

The intro days committee is one of the sub committees within SA FOCUS. becoming a member guarantees you an amazing experience which includes; involvement in the university life, a chance to help the FOCUS board members and develop team work and leadership skills.