Introduction days is the event that no one should miss.

These three days are giving students a lot of opportunities to meet each other, get to know the university, the Hague and other students. Intro Days is the beginning of the students’ life. The Intro days committee task for you is to provide you with fun, knowledge about your new life, and wish to become a member of FOCUS if you are still not.

We start organizing this event in January already to make sure everything is prefect and meets your expectations. Usually during the 1st day you discover the buildings of the university, during the 2nd- the Hague itself and the 3rd day gives you an amazing opportunity to have some fun on the beach .

Our committee is one of the branches-committees in FOCUS. If you become a member you will always be provided with amazing experience, involvement in the university life and help of board members and former members of the team.

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