Introduction-days 2018

These 3 days take place before your classes start and give you the opportunity to meet your future classmates. During these you will get to know the university building, The Hague and possibly your future best friends. The intro days are the beginning of your future student life. These days are organized by the intro-days committee. this committee is tasked with providing you with fun, knowledge about your new life and a fantastic start of the year.

The intro days committee is one of the sub committees within SA FOCUS. becoming a member guarantees you an amazing experience which includes; involvement in the university life, a chance to help the FOCUS board members and develop team work and leadership skills.

Day 1

August 22nd

Get to know your way around school by playing typical Dutch games and eat typical Dutch food. The day starts with your mandatory presentations, followed by a lunchbreak in which you can walk through the marketplace consisting of all the student associations, companies, sports clubs and much more to find your next to school activities. Then the scavenger hunt will start. You will be teamed up, and your goal is to win. Go find your way in- and around the university and play typical Dutch games.

day 2

August 23rd

Oh Oh The Hague! Beautiful city behind the dunes. Explore all the highlights and benefits our beautiful city has to offer. Bring your inner “Dora the Explorer” out and discover the city by playing games at different locations and finding all the nice study and chill spots.

day 3

August 24th


This day is all about beach vibes. We are going to Scheveningen Beach. Beach Club Colorado Charlie will be our spot to enjoy the sun, do fun activities, and have a nice free lunch.


What is student life without partying? So we are going to have an AFTERPARTY at HAVANA (city center)! Dance until the morning light, have some drinks and have fun!
*No entrance fee for those who sign up for the Introduction Days

who are we?

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