Events Committee

WHo are we?

Gergana Bogdanova

I am Gergana. I have travelled for the majority of my childhood and hence view myself as a child of the World.This exposure to cultures and language has inspired me to pursue a degree in International Business Management, enabling me to travel and further experience internationalism. Because I’ve witnessed multinational, technological and societal changes across the countries I’ve lived in, I have developed intercultural skills; pivotal for somebody hoping to enter the world of e-commerce and business. 

Andrada Năstase
Anastasia Kartuzova

Hello! I’m Anastasia, a third-year IBMS student and a member of the Event Committee. I’m responsible for the organisation of borrels as well as company visits. Experienced in event-management and team leading!

billy rodas

what do we do?

Throughout the academic year, the event committee strives to provide you a unique opportunity: To connect with the global minds of the business world.

During the events, you will have the chance to visit multiple international companies and watch prestigious guest lecturers from all over the world who will bring their knowledge and experience right at your desk. Don’t miss the chance to get in touch with them! After all, you never know if this is not your chance to start your career.

Of course, not everything is business. Our committee also organizes some afternoon drinks for the students to have some fun and connect with each other. You are always welcome to drop by on one of the get-togethers for a cold beer or a glass of wine sold for a fair (read cheap) price!

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